Vertebrae of the Week: T3 Vertebra

The T3 vertebra is the third one down from the base of your neck, where your C7/T1 vertebra is located. It’s larger than your T2, but has smaller foramen, and connects with two of your ribs through facet joints.

It protects the spinal nerve that allows your brain to communicate with your vascular system and your whole chest region; that is, your lungs, pleura, bronchial tubes, breast, chest, and nipples. If you experience pain in this region it could be because of a subluxation in your T3. In addition, there are a range of diseases and illness that can be directly associated with a misalignment of your T3 region.

Diseases and Conditions

In some cases, people who present symptoms of pleurisy, congestion, pneumonia, bronchitis or even the flu can trace their illness back to a T2 subluxation. When your T3 is out of alignment, it can place pressure on the spinal nerve at that region, which can result in inflammation and infections of your bronchial lining, the membranes that surround your lungs and line your ribs (your pleura), or can create conditions conducive to bacteria, viral or fungal infections.

How Subluxations Cause Infection

While a subluxation unto itself doesn’t cause a viral, bacterial or fungal infection, it does impact your brain’s ability to properly communicate with the rest of your body. This means that when something is wrong, your body can’t send the right signals to the brain to trigger an immune response. Thus, when you are exposed to viruses, fungi or bacteria, your body is less capable of fighting them off as it otherwise might be.

The result, then, is an infection resulting in disease.

Symptoms of a T3 Vertebra Subluxation

The symptoms that you might experience which could indicate a T3 subluxation are back pain, chest pain, fever, cough, congestion, breathing difficulties, headaches, loss of appetite, confusion, and chills.

By identifying, diagnosing and adjusting a T3 vertebra subluxation, a chiropractor can offer relief from these symptoms, as well as making it much easier for your body to fight off irritation, inflammation and infection. For more information, contact ACT Wellness, the Woodbridge area’s leading chiropractor for the past 9 years.

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