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Spooky Halloween Candy: Gross Ingredients

The Halloween candy is scarier than the costumes! Here is a list, of stuff to watch out for. Not necessarily in order; the way we see it here at ACT Wellness Center these are really gross ingredients. Be sure to follow the links you’ll be spooked.

Are you spooked? You should be this is some really gross stuff. Be aware your children will be filling their bags with these artificial treats. Here are a few old school favorites, yet questionable Halloween treats…

The Scary Truth behind Halloween Candy: Source: 5 NBC Chicago

Dr. Harold L. Frank an Orthodontist in Woodbridge, VA says “There’s Bad Candy… And There’s Worse CandyHe mentions that some candies are more harmful than others. The biggest bad candies you need to watch out for are:

Yuck – that’s’ enough to turn your stomach and your teeth rot; but let’s face it Halloween isn’t the same without candy. Besides all of those gross ingredients, unfortunately, Halloween candy can have frightening amounts of sugar, fat, and calories. “About 4% of all candy consumed in this country occurs on that one day, says Harry Balzer, the chief industry analyst for the NPD Group, which does market research on eating trends.” Source: Almost all children in this country and half of adults will eat candy on Halloween.

 So what is the best solution?

You might wonder where is the chemical, toxic filled candy going after its traded-in? In the trash, because that’s where it belongs.