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Sacroiliac Joints and Chiropractic

The sacroiliac joint is something that most people never hear about until they injure it, and you’d be amazed at just how common this kind of injury can be. In fact, a sprained sacroiliac, or SI, is one of the most common injuries there are. This joint is essential to helping you bear your weight and providing stability in your pelvis, as well as providing mobility when running.

Common treatments for this injury can greatly speed up your healing, lessen pain, and improve your overall function very quickly, without drugs or invasive  procedures. Learn about sacroiliac joints and chiropractic care, and how a visit to a chiropractor can help to heal one of the most common sprains there are.

What Is the Sacroiliac Joint?

The Sacroiliac Joint, or SI, is a joint at your hip and pelvis which plays an important role in your movement and stability. They join your triangular bone at the base of your spine, called the sacrum, to the pelvic bone, the ilia, hence the term sacroiliac joint. You have two SI joints, one on each side.

These joints are crucial for weight bearing, and play a vital part in pelvic stability. They also are designed to move to ensure proper form when you walk or run. These joints can easily be affected and injured from overexertion. People have been shocked to see an SI injury from something as simple as opening a window.

SI Injuries

SI joints are surrounded by ligaments which can easily become strained, creating severe pain over the joint. When they are repeatedly strained, your body loses structural integrity, making your joints more prone to pop out of alignment, or subluxate. When one of these joints destabilizes, the other one can be restricted, and regular adjustments might be required to maintain your stability and mobility.

Sacroiliac Joints and Chiropractic

The clear relationship between sacroiliac joints and chiropractic is that your SI joints are directly connected to the base of your spine. The function of these joints is essential to your spinal curvature. When your SI joint isn’t positioned right, the sacrum can also be out of alignment. This in turn can cause subluxations in your lower lumbar region. The problem can get worse and worse the longer the issue goes untreated.

Your chiropractor can help to keep your spinal column in correct alignment. Chiropractors are specially trained medical doctors who know how to target the specific areas of your spine that are misaligned, and get them back into place. This, in turn, reduces pain, increases flexibility and mobility, and improves your overall body function.

In the end it’s simple: an SI injury means you have a joint connected to your spine that’s out of alignment. That’s where chiropractic care excels.

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If you’re curious about how a good chiropractor can help your healing process after an SI injury, ACT Wellness can help. Give us a call today for more information, answers to all your questions, or to schedule an appointment for an evaluation, and let us get you on the road to wellness.