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Preventing and Fixing Problems from Sitting All Day

The images and scenes people associate with words like “trauma” are often dramatic, having to do with car accidents, nasty falls and other undesirable and unforeseen events. The result is that another culprit for damage done to our bodies goes almost completely unnoticed. The modern lifestyle is replete with sedentary activities, which can damage knee, shoulder, elbow, neck and other joints and muscles. Here is a list of ways to prevent and fix back pain problems caused by sitting all day.

Sitting in the Car

Most of us commute to work on a daily basis and the activity of driving is almost universally terrible for our spines. Holding one’s hands on the steering wheel at the recommended ten-and-two positions is a good habit to prevent accidents, but it also leads to the slouching forward of the shoulders and the bowing of the neck. The spine is bound to curve unnaturally and create a habit that will stick around well after you leave your car.

Sitting at the Office and at Home

Many sources have covered the inherent risks of sitting behind a computer for hours on end. Unfortunately, your job likely demands that you remain locked to your desk for the duration. Worse still, upon returning home you may find yourself sitting in front of the television or sitting in front of your personal computer while navigating Facebook, YouTube and other websites. All of these sedentary hours, in aggregate, add up to a great deal of stress on your spine and many joints.

How to Prevent and Fix These Problems

To counteract the onset of these bad habits, whenever possible, particularly at work and at home, make a point to frequently get up and walk around. Shoulder rolls, stretches and simple yoga techniques can be performed just about anywhere. Shifting positions while in a moving vehicle is not advisable, of course, but if the negative impact of sitting in the car during your commute can be mitigated if proper measures are taken throughout other periods of the day.

Furthermore, when you must sit, think of how you do so. Maintaining a proper posture, with your spine correctly aligned, can go a long way toward preserving the overall health of your musculoskeletal structure. The chair at your desk, for example, should raise you to the height at which your eyes are level with the computer monitor, your elbows are resting gently on the armrests, your arms extend levelly with your hands hovering over the keyboard, rather than pressing down, and your hips should sit slightly higher than your knees while your feet firmly touch the ground from toe to heel.

If these remedies prove insufficient, or you want a checkup by a professional, a skilled, knowledgeable chiropractor can recommend various effective treatments following a simple diagnostic interview. Should you have any questions, or for more information on the types of treatments available to alleviate back pain in Woodbridge, visit our dedicated page.