Migraine Relief via Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Good news! At ACT Wellness Center we have seen many people in northern Virginia with chronic headaches and migraines successfully get these issues under control. At ACT Wellness Center, we have had phenomenal results treating patients with migraines and tension headaches with Chiropractic care and pulsed electromagnetic therapy or PEMF therapy. Our clients say they have we been able to experience faster and longer lasting improvements. These miraculous results with migraine sufferers occur when combining therapies; we have been able to manage the pain and in many cases we have able to virtually eliminate the problems altogether.

Almost everyone has experienced a headache once in their life; for some it’s an ongoing struggle. The intense pain is frustrating. The symptoms vary depending on the type of headache. Each is triggered by different causes.

Tension headaches are usually stress-related and are classified as muscle spasm headaches. The pain is typically felt on both sides of the head and lasts about a day.  It is obvious why this kind of headaches caused irritability and can interfere with sleep. Some people say that tension headaches are less severe than migraines.

While migraines are less common than tension headaches, they have become increasingly more prevalent in our society.  This kind of headache is classified as a vascular headache.  It is caused by a combination of blood vessels enlargement and the release of chemicals resulting in inflammation, pain, and further swelling of the temporal artery.  They are about three times more common in women than men.

Migraine pain can be on both sides of the head as well as on one side only.  The pain can last anywhere from a few hours to several days.  The pain, described as pulsating or a throbbing pain and is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, sounds, and/or odors.

Approximately 20% of people with migraines experience an aura before the onset of a migraine. Auras are often described as sparkling or flashing dots of light.  Other symptoms include blind spots, distorted vision, lines in the visual field, and changes in smell or touch.

We have discovered that after a corrective process and a maintenance care plan that includes Chiropractic, combined with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, there is a significant improvement in the migraine sufferers’ quality of life. Noted improvement include: decreased pain, decreased duration, decreased frequency, increased energy and better adaptability to the daily stressers in life. It is always gratifying when our patients who suffer from headaches and migraines see improvement.

Give us a call at ACT Wellness Center by Accredited Chiropractic to stop your pain now and improve your quality of life.  Call today 703 491-9355.

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