Introduction to the 33 Principles of Chiropractic

Get ready for an exciting ride over the next 33 months as we discuss the basis of the second largest health care system in the world. Of course we are talking about Chiropractic, as it always has been and always will be the only health care system that is a perfect mix of art, science, and philosophy.  In this series we will focus on the philosophy of Chiropractic from a perspective of the 33 foundational principles that guide, direct, and make Chiropractic separate and distinct from other forms of health care models.

D.D. Palmer Discoverer of ChiropracticChiropractic was founded in 1895 by Dr. Palmer in Davenport, Iowa.  This is where D.D. Palmer gave the first Chiropractic adjustment to a deaf janitor after he made the educated guess that a spinal imbalance was causing nerve interference, and that was likely the cause of his hearing impairment. As this article is not a history lesson, let’s just skip to the end of the story. His hearing was restored and the Chiropractic profession was born!

Over many years of exhaustive study and of the writings of Dr. Palmer on the nature of anatomy, physiology, biology, natural law, universal patterns, and philosophy,  Dr.  R.W. Stephenson compiled the 33 principles of Chiropractic as both a textbook for the Chiropractic students as well as a handbook for the lay audience to understand the nature of health and the cause of disease.

We assure that over the next 33 months (if you embrace  the Wellness News You Can Use Newsletter) you will understand health and healing better than ever before, you will feel more empowered and in control of your life, and you will feel confident in the decisions you make for yourself and your family.

Until next month, here is a preview of principle #1: The Major Premise…  A Universal Intelligence (God, the Great Spirit, Buddha, Allah, Love, etc.) is in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence.

We hope that this major premise causes you to consider the nature of your health, the relationship you have with nature, and the implications this principle has on your  future  ideas, actions, and health outcomes.

Dr. Carmelo Caratozzolo & Your ACT Wellness Team

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