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Welcome to our blog. Our purpose, goals and vision for these articles is to motivate, educate and empower people in our community to take steps towards a better quality of life. After all living well is not about the numbers of years that you live it is about enjoying the journey.  If you didn’t know it, people are living longer but are being blindsided by this fact.  For those people who didn’t expect to live as long as they have, they become faced with a longevity crisis. Whether you are currently a practice member, plan to be one or happen to find our site while surfing the web, we hope to either inspire you to ask more questions or answer questions that you have had.  Either way we hope you will find our blog to be highly informative. As you begin reading each article you will be faced with a question… Is knowledge power?  The answer is “NO”!  Knowledge is only powerful if you utilize the information.  Our passion is “wellness” and our desire is to educate about all of the benefits that Chiropractic and all of the many pieces of the puzzle that work together with Chiropractic has to offer.   However, the word “wellness” in our opinion has been chronically used the wrong way. In short Wellness is not about which drug to take to treat symptoms. Wellness is about learning about the things you need to do for yourself to improve your health potential. Please connect with us via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or subscribe to our RSS feed and enjoy the journey.


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