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The Very First Chiropractic Patient

Many of you have probably never heard the name Harvey Lillard, but he is almost as important to Chiropractic as DD Palmer (who, in case you didn’t know, was the father of Chiropractic Care).

Without Harvey Lillard, DD Palmer may have continued to look for his calling and none of us would be where we are today.  Harvey Lillard was the very first Chiropractic patient.  The story of Chiropractic and Harvey Lillard go hand in hand.

Harvey Lillard was an African-American janitor in the building where DD Palmer had his office.  While talking to DD, Harvey explained to him that 19 years prior he was bent over in a tight space and heard a pop in his back and almost immediately lost most of his hearing.   DD offered to take a look at Harvey, who had undergone countless medical treatments to restore his hearing with no success. DD explained to Harvey that he believed his hearing loss was due to a misalignment (vertebral subluxation) in his spine that was blocking the spinal nerves that controlled the inner ear. Harvey allowed DD to give him the very first Chiropractic adjustment.  According to Harvey, after the second treatment he could hear quite well and continued to hear well.

Without Harvey Lillard and DD Palmer, it would be hard to imagine where we, as Chiropractic patients, and the world as a whole would be today. Chiropractic care allows us all to live interference free and live the healthy lives that we all deserve.

Everyone who has ever received and benefited from a Chiropractic adjustment should give thanks to both Harvey and DD!

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