Eye-Opening Look at Vitamin Water

Today more and more people are   attempting to adopt a healthier lifestyle.  More people today than ever before realize that the only way they can be healthy is by choice, not by chance. They realize it boils down to the choices they make every day.  However, not all of our choices out there are as they seem, especially when it comes to the “water” and sports drink industry.

Commercials for drinks, such as Vitamin Water (owned by Coca-Cola), position these drinks as health enhancing beverages. Companies do a very good job of making the consumer believe that this is a drink that will supply vital nutrients that will energize and inspire you…well. So, what’s really in these “misleading” drinks? Take Vitamin Water for example, the first three ingredients are water, crystalline fructose, and cane sugar. So, basically sugar water. Crystalline fructose is a sweetener (about 99% fructose) that has been linked to health problems and is even more damaging to your health than high fructose corn syrup.  In addition to the sweetened water, Vitamin Water contains a variety of synthetic vitamins that are far inferior to the nutrients found in real food. Any positive effect of these added vitamins is surely lost to the damaging effects of the high sugar content. Speaking of sugar content, that is also somewhat misleading. The label reads 13g of sugar per serving…PER SERVING should be in bold. There are 2.5 servings in a bottle of Vitamin Water, which means there is really 32.5g of sugar!  Nearly as much as a 12 oz can of Coca-Cola. And they call this water!


Besides Vitamin Water, there are many other products out there that are the same or worse! Nearly all begin with an unhealthy base of water sweetened with a poisonous blend of artificial sweeteners, preservatives and dyes and top it off with a few synthetic vitamins so they can tout its life enhancing qualities. Then they pour this bright beautifully colored concoction into a clear bottle and slap a label on with clever text such as “Endurance”, “Focus” or “Balance”.  What they end up with is a very attractive looking beverage (especially to kids) that is marketed as healthy, when it is not.  Let’s not be fooled folks, read the labels and see for yourself. Take responsibility for what you put into your body.  If you’re looking for something with a little flavor, Dr. Mercola from mercola.com lists three beverages in an article he wrote as “relatively safe”. They are Glaceau Smart Water, MetroMint, and OWater. You can also add a squeeze of lime or lemon to spring water and then you know for sure what is in your water.

Read this: The Dangers Of Vitamin-Fortified Water

If it’s a healthy choice you’re looking for, make sure it is indeed healthy!

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