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Congratulations to Parkour Champ Rob H.

Quality of life is top priority for Rob and his family. Recovering from a fall from 12 feet, Rob has had an amazing comeback.

He was 39 years young when he created this amazing video.  You will see how he was/is able to jump, roll and climb with ease performing parkour.  Parkour, similar to freerunning, is the practice of getting from one point to another using the most effective route. This often means jumping and propelling oneself off of potential obstacles to do so, and it is a fantastic way to practice self-discipline. In the video, Rob does an amazing job narrating what chiropractic means to him and his family while performing the skills and abilities he possesses as a parkour athlete.

Rob and his family had been true Chiropractic “Warriors”. Rob’s two children began chiropractic treatment with Dr. Caratozzolo within a few days of being born! In the video, you will hear Rob’s philosophy on health, wellness as well as his spiritual beliefs. You will also Rob and his family receiving chiropractic adjustments.  For those of you who have never heard of or seen children being adjusted, this video will help to enlighten you on just how gentle a chiropractic adjustment is.

Rob explains how getting adjusted is not solely about “feeling” better but living better.  He understands that getting adjusted is about keeping healthy and staying well.  He explains that keeping proper alignment allows for better nervous system flow from the central nervous system to every part of his and his families bodies.  When the system is in proper communication, the body is better able to function which maximizes healing.

Take a few minutes to watch this video.  You will learn a lot and be amazed.