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Chiropractic for Sports Injuries

Chiropractic care is a whole-body, holistic approach to health and wellness. It’s far more than just adjusting the spine, though that’s where the whole science begins. For many centuries, athletes and people suffering from physical injuries have turned to chiropractors to maintain their health and fitness, improve their healing, mitigate the severity of injuries and prevent future harm. Learn about the use of chiropractic for sports injuries, how it can preserve your health and fitness, and what it can do for your health and well-being.

Chiropractic for Sports Injuries

Proper spinal health and care is essential both for getting in shape and for staying that way. From pro football players to runners to swimmers and even everyday people working out at the gym, chiropractic is essential to overall physical fitness. Chiropractic care results in better coordination, greater strength and improved reaction times. In studies, athletes under chiropractic have shown better jumping ability, pulse rate, blood pressure and more.

77% of NFL trainers have given players referrals to chiropractors, and a full 31% of teams in the league maintain a chiropractor on staff. Runners have shown improved speed and reaction from proper spinal adjustments. Swimmers show greater coordination and optimal performance. The evidence is all there.

Specific Studies

Fifty football players were placed in a 12-week study where half received regular chiropractic care for speed, agility, balance, power and reaction time. At the end of the study, the chiropractic group showed a nearly 17% improvement overall.

Among 16 injured female runners who were placed under chiropractic care, seven ended up scoring personal bests when it came to improved performance. 75% of the San Francisco 49ers got chiropractic care on the day of the 1990 Super Bowl…which they went on to win.

What Does a Chiropractor Do?

A chiropractor works to balance your spinal column, correcting misalignments called subluxations, and helps to relieve the stress these place on your nervous system. This results in improved immune system response, better flexibility and range of motion, and even an improvement in your body’s overall healing abilities.

Subluxations can occur from just about any sports injury or even from treatment of these injuries by traditional sports doctors, who aren’t trained to locate and correct spinal misalignments. This is why chiropractic can be an important part of your healthcare routine.

A Whole Body Approach to Wellness

Chiropractors take a whole-body approach to wellness. This means they believe that the best approach to keeping healthy is to make sure the body does its job to the best of its own ability. It’s not about stitches and medication or better living through chemistry. It’s about convincing the body to heal itself, to improve flexibility, strength and coordination.

For many years, ACT Wellness has been helping athletes to improve their overall health, coordination, range of motion and strength, as well as speeding up natural healing processes. We’re ready to become an important part of your healthcare team as well. If you think a chiropractor might be the solution to helping your sports injury problems, give us a call and schedule an appointment today.