How Chiropractic Can Benefit Children — “It Brings Out the Best in Me!”

pediatric chiropracticChiropractic adjustments can help out more than just adults with lower back pain. It can provide a host of benefits that improve general wellness, including boosted immunity, greater levels of energy and improved organ functioning. In certain instances, chiropractic adjustments can help with conditions related to chronic asthma, allergies, and even conditions like depression or anxiety.

Hearing that children can suffer from these conditions just as much as adults can may surprise you. Even though children have not had decades of bad posture or the repetitive stress of a job to wear them down, they still encounter subluxations — irregularities of the spinal shape — that can inhibit their functioning in several ways.

If ignored over time, these subluxations can compound and gradually detract from their quality of life. For these reasons and more, parents should consider bringing their child in for a wellness check up at their local pediatric chiropractic office. With diligent testing and periodic adjustments, their children can enjoy better wellness and be free from conditions that frequently hold back their development.

Why Children Can Have Subluxations

In adults, common sources of subluxations include bad posture when sitting at a desk or repetitive stress from manual labor. While these are definitely major causes of subluxations caused by spinal tension and vertebrae out of alignment, we can also encounter subluxations more gradually over time, even if we do not experience their symptoms.

Children are susceptible to these subtle subluxations, too, and some are even acquired at birth. Birth is a very traumatic experience on a newborn’s body. Even with the best obstetric care, they are wrenched out of their mother’s body in forceful ways, and the way they are initially handled immediately after birth can sometimes lead to complications.

For instance, an infant’s spine and back are not strong enough to support their head at birth, and it will not be for about another four months after birth. During this time, the child’s spine may experience heavy stress, even if it is handled with great care. This stress can, in turn, cause vertebrae to form misaligned shapes that the child can potentially carry with them throughout their lifetime if they don’t receive proper care or professional adjustments.

Children also lack the coordination to use their back muscles in a way that protects their spine in response to large forces. If they fall while playing, for example, or are in a car that slams on its brakes unexpectedly fast, they may not have the reflexive spinal protections that adults do.

Over time, rough play, accidents, everyday forces and the beginnings of repetitive stress take their toll on a child’s body, and — without adjustments — they may not return to normal functioning on their own.

Benefits of Pediatric Chiropractic

Chiropractic for children can correct subluxations that lead to bad posture and spinal issues during key developmental years. Since the spine carries all of the body’s nerve signals through it, any abnormalities can prevent a child from maximum mobility and strength as they age.

Secondary complications can also result, including painful joints, headaches, tingling, anxiety, poor concentration, sinus drainage issues and more. These complications can worsen conditions like ADHD, recurring ear infections or poor coordination.

So bring your child in with you the next time you come into a chiropractic checkup. Get the whole family treated for a happier, healthier lifestyle imbued with lasting wellness.

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