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Vertebrae of the Week: C7

The 7th cervical vertebra, which also functions as the first thoracic vertebra, is called both the C7 vertebra and the T1 vertebra. It’s the vertebra that sits at the base of your neck, and the top of your spine, and is the one that sticks out just a bit when you run your fingers along your neck. It helps to support your head, and to protect the nerves that deal with your bursa, your thyroid gland, and your respiratory systems, among other things.

When you have a subluxation, or misalignment of the C7 vertebra, you can experience all manner of unpleasant symptoms.

C7 Vertebra or T1 Vertebra Symptoms

The most common symptom that is associated with a subluxation, or spinal misalignment, of the C7 Vertebra/T1 Vertebra is bursitis. The bursa is the cushion between your muscles, joints and tendons, and bursitis is the swelling and inflammation of the bursa. Those who experience bursitis often have the same symptoms as severe tendonitis. Those who experience such a condition may be recommended for an x-ray or MRI to confirm the diagnosis.

Other symptoms related to C7/T1 subluxation include thyroid problems. Your thyroid is sort of a switch for your energy production—it flips on to control the rate of energy your body produces, regulate your body temperature, growth and brain chemistry. In addition, you could experience respiratory illness, loss of bladder or bowel control, and problems with elbow and finger extension if you have a C7/T1 misalignment.

How Chiropractic Helps

Your chiropractor can help to treat problems resulting from a subluxation of this vertebra. When you experience a spinal misalignment, it can place undue pressure on nerve bundles that regulate many body functions. By correcting these problems, your body gets back to working as it should, with solid communication between your brain and the rest of you.

For example, while a chiropractor won’t treat hormonal problems related to your thyroid gland, they can correct a subluxation that’s causing your brain to communicate ineffectively with the gland, which may lead to you not needing medication.

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