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Cervical Vertebrae C5 | Sore Throat and Laryngitis

C5 plays a role in the health of your diaphragm. An injury here can be detrimental to the muscles which control breathing. C5 also affects your vocal cords, neck glands, and pharynx. A misalignment can cause a sore throat and laryngitis.

Dermatomes are an area of skin supplied by a single spinal nerve. They indicate specific pathways to a related nerve root. The dermatomes for C5 innervate the muscles that control elbow movement, your bicep, and some muscles in your shoulder. Therefore, if you have any tingling, numbness, or trouble moving those areas, it could be associated with a subluxation in C5.

Because chiropractic adjustments help restore the function of your nervous system, they can have a profound impact to your overall health without drugs or surgery. By keeping your nervous system free of subluxations, your body can harness its maximum innate power to fight bacteria and viruses. Make sure your body is fully functional by getting regular adjustments!

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