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Cervical Vertebra C4 | Vertebrae of the Week | Asthma

Your 4th cervical vertebra (C4) sits level with the thyroid cartilage (Adam’s apple). It can affect the nose, mouth and ears.

The nerves from C4 control the diaphragm, the main muscle allowing us to breathe.

There’s a saying, “C3, C4 and C5 keeps the diaphragm alive!”

A spinal cord injury of C5 and higher could leave the muscles that control breathing completely paralyzed.

C4 also supplies motor function to the shoulder, shoulder-blade, arm, collarbone and even biceps. If you have pain or numbness in any of those areas or even trouble elevating your shoulder, subluxation of C4 can be to blame!

Symptoms resembling Asthma or COPD could be the result of a C4 misalignment.

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