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Vertebrae of the Week: C2 (Axis)

The C2 vertebra is also known as the axis. It is the second cervical vertebra down from your cranium, and is important in protecting your mobility as well as the nerve bundles that affect your sinuses and eyes. The axis is a hinge that pivots along with your C1 vertebrae aka “the atlas”. This rotation is precisely what allows you to turn your head from left to right.

C2 Vertebra Subluxations

If your axis is misaligned (subluxated) it can make turning your head very difficult; possibly causing pain.In addition, a subluxation of C2 vertebrae can also affect your optic nerve(s), auditory nerve(s), sinuses, forehead and tongue. As you might imagine, this can present as any number of problems ranging from minor inconveniences to major issues.

Symptoms of a C2 Subluxation

Symptoms of a C2 vertebra subluxation can range from mild to severe. Many people who suffer from conditions like chronic sinusitis or allergies find that a chiropractic adjustment can clear these problems up right away, by clearing the path for your brain to more effectively communicate with these areas of your body, and removing unpleasant symptoms and deviant reactions to normal stimuli (which is the definition of allergies).

Other symptoms of a C2 misalignment can include suffering pain around the eyes, earaches, loss of hearing, fainting spells, and dizziness. Part of this is because the nerve bundles and roots protected by the C2 affect areas of your body that have to do with coordination and balance, such as your ears and sinuses. Misalignment of the axis can cause dangerous problems for many people.

Correcting Axis Misalignments

Fortunately, correcting an axis subluxation can repair a lot of these issues, while also improving your overall health and wellness. If you’re interested in an adjustment, ACT Wellness has been the leading Woodbridge, VA, area chiropractor for the past eight years. We provide holistic, non-invasive, whole body solutions to health and wellness, and help you to lead a better and healthier lifestyle overall. Would you like to know more? Call Dr. Caratozzolo at 703-491-9355. Visit us at ACT Wellness Center, 2894 Garber Way in Woodbridge VA.  You’ll be glad you did!