L1 vertebra

L1 Vertebra

Your lumbar region is your lower back. It’s one of the most common areas of the back in which people experience pain. Often this pain is muscular, but just as often, it’s related to a misalignment or injury in the spine. The L1 vertebra is the first (topmost) lumbar vertebra. It supports the weight of […]

T12 Vertebra

T12 Vertebra

The T12, or twelfth thoracic vertebra is the largest of all your thoracic vertebrae, and is the lowermost in the back. It’s designed to bear the weight of your spine, and is the strongest of all vertebrae in the region, but it’s also the most prone to injuries from stress. It’s a sort of hybrid […]

T11 Vertebra

Vertebrae of the Week: T11 Vertebra

The T11 is one of the two lowest vertebrae in your spinal thoracic region. Like the other thoracic vertebrae, they are attached to your ribcage, which helps to protect them from direct harm, though they can be subject to damage from compression fractures. These vertebrae are important in the control of your kidneys, ureters, colon, […]

T9 vertebra

Vertebrae of the Week: T9 Vertebra

Your T9 vertebra is the ninth thoracic vertebra, meaning that it’s part of the region of your spine that’s aligned with your chest and connect to your rib cage. These vertebrae, 12 in total, support your ribs and upper body, and protect some of the most important nerves in your body. The T9 is comprised […]

T5 Vertebra

Vertebrae of the Week: T5 Vertebra

Your T5 vertebra is located in your spine, roughly halfway down your back. It’s the fifth of our twelve thoracic vertebrae, and is attached to ribs on both sides of your body. It continues the pattern of growth, being larger than the T4, and it’s responsible for your liver function, your solar plexus, and the […]

T4 Vertebra

Vertebrae of the Week: T4 Vertebra

The T4 vertebra, the tenth vertebra down in your spinal column, protects a nerve root that impacts your gall bladder and your common duct. As such, misalignments here can cause problems with liver and gall bladder function, including jaundice and shingles, among others. This vertebra is located in your torso, and is a major supporting […]

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