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Vertebrae of the Week: C3

Another important bone in your spine, your C3 vertebrae is the third down from your brain stem and is located on roughly the same plane as your lower jaw. It is associated with your cheeks, outer ear, facial bones, teeth, and tri-facial nerve (the main sensory nerve of the face, a.k.a. fifth cranial nerve).

The C3 vertebra protects the nerve bundles that help control many of the important functions of your head, from moving your jaw to your diaphragm function and ability to breathe. If you or anyone you know experiences neuralgia (nerve pain) or neuritis (nerve inflammation) it may directly correlate to a subluxation in C3.

Conditions Associated with C3 Vertebra Misalignment

Acne or eczema is a very common condition associated with a misalignment of C3. In addition, those who suffer from subluxations of or injuries to the C3 vertebra can experience a range of unexpected problems. These include difficulty with the range of motion in your neck and face, loss of function in your diaphragm leading to the use of a ventilator to breathe, paralysis in your torso, hands, arms and legs, and even difficulty controlling bladder function.

Controlling Body Communications

The reasons these problems occur is that your brain needs to be able to freely communicate with your body. When your spine is out of alignment or injured, it can place pressure on your nerves, or even damage them, which means your brain can’t effectively send your body the signals it needs to operate.

Many people are shocked to discover that the symptoms they were experiencing which they thought to be a major illness, were in fact just caused by a spinal misalignment which can be fixed by a qualified chiropractor.

If any of the above areas are giving you issues, a simple adjustment can be the solution. Don’t wait; make sure that your body is communicating effectively by getting regular chiropractic examinations and adjustments. Start today by contacting ACT Wellness Center, the leading chiropractic office in Woodbridge, VA, for the past eight years and counting.

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