T11 Vertebra
The T11 is one of the two lowest vertebrae in your spinal thoracic region. Like the other thoracic vertebrae, they are attached to your ribcage, which helps to protect them from direct harm, though they can be subject to damage from compression fractures. These vertebrae are important in the control of your kidneys, ureters, colon, small intestines, lymph circulation system, buttocks, and the uterus (in women). As with any of your vertebrae, the T11 can
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Spring is officially here, and that means it’s time to get started on all those projects you’ve had stacking up over the winter. There’s nothing like getting rid of the old and putting a fresh coat of paint on your life. Still, it’s a task that nobody looks forward to doing. In fact, spring cleaning can be rough on your body and it can leave you in all kinds of pain. You should make sure
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T10 Vertebra
The T10 Vertebra, also called the tenth thoracic vertebra, is a part of your thoracic spine and the tenth down from the top. It’s in the lower part of your mid-back and is one of the vertebrae that attaches to your rib cage in your mid-back. Any time you have a misalignment in one of your vertebrae, it can result in pain and a variety of other health-related symptoms, but each of the regions in
Vertebrae of the Week
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Dizziness and vertigo can be confusing and scary. There are all kinds of potential causes for these symptoms, and it’s vital to understand the potential causes as well as what they entail for you. In some cases, they could present signs of something very serious. In others, they could be symptoms of a relatively minor issue that can be adjusted by your chiropractor. To start, it’s important to know the difference between lightheadedness and vertigo,
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T9 vertebra
Your T9 vertebra is the ninth thoracic vertebra, meaning that it’s part of the region of your spine that’s aligned with your chest and connect to your rib cage. These vertebrae, 12 in total, support your ribs and upper body, and protect some of the most important nerves in your body. The T9 is comprised of a solid bone mass which faces front and protects the discs which in turn protect the nerves inside. When
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