As the bottom bone in your spine, the coccyx is more commonly known as the tailbone. It’s a triangular bone arrangement and consists of anywhere from three to five fused or semi-fused bones. One interesting thing about the coccyx is that it represents a vestigial tail. That is, once many hundreds of thousands of years ago, we had a tail, and this bone arrangement represents what’s left of it after evolution! Function While we no
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One of the lowest bones in your back, the Sacrum is a large, triangular bone that connects to the base of your spine. It forms when you reach between 18 and 30 years old when your S1-S5 sacral vertebrae fuse together. It’s located at the back of your pelvic cavity, between its wings, and forms important joints with your other bones. The sacrum is a very complex bone that helps to provide support for the
Vertebrae of the Week
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Stress and pain share a deep connection. Many people who suffer from unexplained chronic pain find that the source is that they’re under a lot of pressure in their lives. Whether it’s family troubles, money problems, work issues or any other reason, the more stressed out you are, the more your body gets out of sync and the more likely you are to suffer pain. The problem with stress-related pain is that if you don’t
Over the past few weeks we’ve explored the lumbar, or lower back, vertebrae. While these don’t protect root nerve bundles like your upper and middle spine, they do bear the weight of almost your entire back above them. They also do protect the largest nerve in your body, the sciatic nerve. They are, as such, particularly vulnerable to compression injuries and various conditions related to age, wear and tear. Let’s take a look at each
Vertebrae of the Week
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The one thing you always hear from people when you’re trying to live healthy or lose weight is, “Stop eating out.” We live in a world rich with fried foods, fatty meals, and way too many carbohydrates. Still, you have to live a little, and it is absolutely possible to eat out and make the right choices. The biggest trick is looking past the rich, fatty, sugary foods and finding the options on the menu

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