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Does your chiropractor seem to sigh every time they give you an examination? Do you find yourself getting the exact same adjustment every time you go in to get taken care of? If so, it could be because you’ve developed some very bad habits that are leading to the same issues over and over again. Don’t feel too bad; there are some common habits that far too many people have which are just really bad
pregnancy and chiropractic
Are you pregnant and considering chiropractic care? There’s a lot of myths and misinformation out there that may lead you down the wrong path. Too many pregnant women think that chiropractic is somehow dangerous to their unborn child, when nothing could be further from the truth. Chiropractic is all-natural, safe, and drug-free. It’s an holistic and whole body approach to health and wellness, and not only can it ease your pregnancy, it can improve your
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sitting and posture, standing and posture
When you’re a kid you hear it all the time: sit up straight, don’t slouch, stand straight. Your formative years are all about your posture. Nobody, however, ever tells you why, other than “it looks sloppy.” The truth is, your posture has a great deal to do with your physical health. Too many people ignore their posture as they get older. Almost as bad as ignoring your posture is thinking it’s restricted to the way
stress management, improve health
You know, medical science has advanced by leaps and bounds over the past few decades, perhaps faster than ever before in history. There are doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, chiropractors, and all sorts of medical professionals out there to help you get healthy and live well. In the end, however, everything starts and ends with you. It’s your health. It’s your body. It’s entirely up to you to take charge of it and live a good, healthy
Better posture
Americans have notoriously bad posture, as just about any chiropractor can tell you. Even worse, they don’t take the steps to improve it, which leads to problems like spine misalignments that can affect your entire health. Bad posture can lead to major problems like illness, malnutrition and even circulatory problems. Well, it’s January and the New Year is here. If you haven’t yet made any New Year’s resolutions, now is the time, and you might
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