Back Pain

Ouch – your daily activities disrupted! When back pain becomes inflamed it can be a real inconvenience. Similar to an alarm going off as an indicator to a fire. This isn’t a pain that should be ignored. As with other pains and symptoms, your body will attempt to “let you know” when there is something going on in order to protect you from doing further damage. Turn off the alarm and put out the fire. This is what you need to know about chiropractic care for back pain.

So whats the difference between back pain and Sciatica pain?

Usually sciatic pain is associated with a pain in one side of your buttocks. Typically, the pain is constant. The pain travels down one leg and gets worse when you sit; sometimes it can travel down the back of your leg all the way to the sole of your foot. The feeling can vary from burning, tingling, prickling and/or numbness. If, in fact, the condition is sciatica, muscle weakness can be added to that long list of symptoms. Sciatic nerve issues can and are often associated with lower lumbar misalignment called subluxations.

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Unfortunately the medical world looks at this kind of condition (as it does many others) as something that can only be treated with drugs of surgery. Chiropractors can often find the cause of sciatica which ultimately eliminates the problem rather than just treating the symptoms. What is the alternative? Treat with drug therapy? Will the “symptoms” come back? Most likely! Unfortunately if and/or when the symptoms do return, the underlying issue will likely have become worse.

True sciatic issues are not typically associated with pain that will just go away on its own. This is a very real condition that needs treatment. If you think you have sciatica, the best thing to do is to get a proper diagnosis. The “quick fix” of popping a pill may reduce your inflammation temporarily, but it may also have many toxic side effects. It always comes down to this… If there is a way to correct a problem with a drug and surgery free method that is safe and effective, shouldn’t you give it a try first? Try Chiropractic – it works.

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