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Back Pain and Posture

What’s interesting about pain or the lack of it?  Did you know that only 6% of the nerves in your body perceive pain?  There can be up to 40% damage to a cell, tissue or organ system before symptoms show up and it only takes two weeks for pressure on a nerve to start to create degenerative changes in the spine.  So it is obvious that you should not wait for “symptoms” to show up before you begin the process of taking better care of yourself.

But what if you are already in pain?  What does chronic pain do to you?  Chronic pain affects your mood, it can have an effect on your cognitive abilities and both white and matter in your brain can begin to atrophy (shrink).  This means that pain can literally decrease your quality of life from the outside and the inside.  Todd Lloyd, DC a St. George Chiropractor talks extensively about this very thing. In his blog post, Four Pillars of a Healthy Spine. Doctor Lloyd tells us, “If the canal in the neck that carries the spinal cord is even slightly narrowed from birth or from arthritis, having a reversed neck posture can choke off the signals running through the spinal cord.”

So what should you do about back pain? You have three choices. Do nothing, mask it with drugs or take action to not only help you to feel better but to restore function as well. If you start to feel stiffness in your back, you may have a postural problem, so have it checked out by a chiropractor to determine if you are a candidate for chiropractic care.

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